Tagged by @paradeoflove to show you my non-beauty related #wishlist! Outside of my thing with makeup and beauty products, I'll admit I'm actually a simple person with simple needs - I'm not picky about food, and outside of work I'm a real slob in T-shirts and jeans or shorts. So I don't have many things I "wish" for outside of beauty products, but here are a few #fashion-related things I love and always like: ➊ @Botkier #bags! I have the Trigger and James #Satchels, and #Botkier is my favourite brand of bags, for the well-thought-out interior details as well as the gorgeous exterior. If I had unlimited money I would probably be collecting them! In my list is the Valentina Satchel, the Legacy Satchel, and the Logan Satchel ➋ @rebeccaminkoff #purses! Along with Botkier, #RebeccaMinkoff is my favourite brand. I love her style! I'm ogling the Morning After Bag Mini and Cupid Bag ➌ @DorothyPerkins pencil #dresses! I get quite a lot of my work #clothes from the #DorothyPerkins sales, and if money were no objection I would probably get all my clothes from there all year round, sales or no! I love the cut - it accommodates curvier and larger girls like me, the hemlines aren't too short, and the material and sewing quality is actually really good for the non-sale price - I would argue that they're better than all their competitors at similar price points, and possible some other more pricey brands, lol. Every time I wear a DP #pencildress I get compliments on it, so I'm a big fan of their clothes! Their #pencildresses and other clothes are always on my wishlist! #clozette