We’re 15!

It Bags for It Girls, Since 2003. And we're not planning on stopping.

We’re 15!

Smart, strong, stylish, fearlessly independent. Yep. That’s us. Always has been. From our very first design, the instantly iconic Trigger Bag, we’ve exhibited an affinity for that youthful edge, that eternally cool NYC attitude, that elusive yet profound quality we like to call “It.” Difficult to define, yet unmistakable when you see it, some people just have it. And when they have it, we love it.

botkier trigger satchel

Monica Botkier was a bit of an It Girl when she started the line in the early 2000s. A hustler with an eye for style, she was very much her own best customer when she created the Trigger bag; the classic style that set Monica on a trajectory that would redefine the contemporary handbag market and launch the cult brand we know today. Hardworking, creative, up for anything. Monica embodied the spirit of the brand that still holds true today, making her the OG girl on the go.

monica botkier

15 years later, we continue to be the go-to accessories brand for the Downtown cool girl and anyone who aspires to be her. And who wouldn’t? Our girl embodies so much more than just her style. She’s confident and caring, bold and brave. Qualities that define the true meaning of an “it” girl. And we know a thing or two about said it-girls.

Over the years, we’ve had this knack for partnering with the girl on the up-and-up. We launched our Spring/Summer collection with Bella Hadid in 2015, one of her first major campaigns, and we’ve worked with so many amazingly cool girls since then: Nadine Leopold, Lottie Moss, Sistine Stallone, Delilah Hamlin and Chloe Kim. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon.

botkier it girls

With a name like Botkier New York, we’re obviously well-invested in this city. It’s our original muse, our constant source of inspiration, our hometown. Many of our beloved satchels, clutches, backpacks, crossbodies and totes were named after the streets we travel and the neighborhoods where we live, work and play: Cobble Hill, Soho, Gansevoort, Lennox, and so many more. Each piece brings a unique piece of the city to life and we’re all about that NYC pride.  

In 2017, we launched our first footwear collection, which only seemed right. Right? Our girls are on the move, and what they wanted most was shoes that look chic, feel great and do not hold them back. So that’s what we delivered, completing the picture for the girl who is going places. Yes, NYC is her muse, but the world is her playground.

In honor of celebrating fifteen years since the Trigger has launched, we have revamped the classic style with two brand new silhouettes.


trigger collection