8 Essential Accessories For Fall ’18 in NYC

When autumn befalls you, it’s time to get serious with shoes and bags.
8 Essential Accessories For Fall ’18 in NYC

By the time you read this, your hair will be fried. You will have drunk enough rosé and coconut LaCroix for a small army. You will have lost three pairs of sunglasses and broken as many hearts. You’re still dealing with sunscreen spills and wayward grains of sand at the bottom of your work bag.

Yes, summer ’18 was good to you. But soon, it’ll be time to re-enter polite society, a maneuver made necessary by the onset of fall.

It’s almost time to get down to the grind, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. It’s probably a good idea to get refocused on your goals, but yeah, you’ll also want to go out and dance till late. You’ll want those leafy Central Park walks, those sweater-clad sidewalk make-out sessions, those too-long café hangs. Fall in NYC is properly epic. Live it, we say. Do it all.

But first, you’ll need just a few things. Here are 8 pieces to consider as you cruise into chillier times.


The All-Weather Boot

Choose wisely, and this workhorse will last you years, through all kinds of weather. And you know how unpredictable fall can be. This is the piece that really works in a city where your feet are your transportation.


We recommend:  Moto and Marlow



The Ankle Boot

Hard to call yourself a fashion girl if you can’t rock a trusty pair of ankle boots with skinny jeans. For walks, for weekends, for the security line at JFK. Get something cute. You’ll live in it.


We recommend:  Texas and Isabel



The Walkable Pump

Fall is synonymous with the bust-out shoe, that pair you cannot wait to wear. For this piece, suede always just…works. Go with a neutral for every day, or experiment with some delicious jewel tones.


We recommend:  Stella and Lina


The Uber Shoe

Not uber, as in “supreme,” Uber as in the rideshare service. Because sometimes, you just don’t want to take the freaking train. Go on a date with someone incredibly hot. Wear the heels. Take an Uber.


We recommend:  Anna  and Adelia


The Backpack

It’s back to school time, but even if you’ve reached the adulting portion of your life, you can benefit from a new backpack. Ours are a tad more sophisticated than your old JanSport variety. There’s fine grain leather involved, and quilting and color-blocking and interesting sizes and shapes that don’t take you back to middle school so much as propel you forward in life.


We recommend:  Dakota and Cobble Hill


The Tote

Oh, the tote! We could compose days of love poetry to this marvel of modern urban life that lets you look chic all day, every day. No one needs to know you can’t leave the house without face wipes, three shades of red lipstick, two pairs of sunglasses, hand cream, a self-help book and your lucky crystal.


We recommend:  Trinity and Wooster


The Crossbody

That hands-free life is so necessary when you’re out and about, swiping Metro Cards and double-fisting your midweek vegan cupcake and matcha latte. Get yourself a dope crossbody and keep your stuff riding by your side chicly, always.


We recommend:  Cobble Hill and Lennox


The Clutch

Is there a more bangin’ style move than a luxe clutch paired with fall swag? It reminds us of an ‘80s power lady at a dark cocktail lounge in chunky knits with big shoulder pads. And yet, this shape never, ever goes out of style. Grab on and don’t let go.


We recommend:  Moto and Cobble Hill