A Fashionista’s Guide to Airport Style

A Fashionista’s Guide to Airport Style

If holiday travel has kept you busy these past few months, you know the importance of finding the right airport attire. We often turn to our favorite fashionistas and celebrity jetsetters for inspiration, but let’s be real: a tight dress and sky-high stilettos might be a *little* unrealistic for most of us. It can be hard to achieve maximum coziness while still looking fresh upon arrival, but the comfy-chic look is one that can easily be accomplished with the right accessories. For us, this starts with a stylish carry-on bag, an all-black wardrobe, and a passport case/luggage tag combo that’s as cheeky as it is cute. So whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure in 2017, we can help get you there in style. Read on for a couple of our top TSA-approved accessories!

1.    The Travel Tote Our perfect in-flight bag must fulfill two basic principles. One: Everything must be easily accessible – no one wants to wait in the security line as you fumble for your boarding pass & passport. Two: Must. Hold. LIFE. Whether you just had to pack that extra pair of shoes, or need to store an extra warm plane scarf, more space is always better. Our favorites? The Soho tote: This spacious little number has an open top, which makes it easy to grab your essentials on the go. The edgy zipper detailing doesn’t hurt either…

The Logan E/W Tote: Not into keeping your bag open at all times? This designer leather tote has a top zip to tuck away your belongings (and looks real good doing it).

2.    The Travel Set En Route? This passport case & luggage tag duo is ideal for the globetrotting Botkier babe.

Image credits:@sydnesummer @nicholeciotti @botkier