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Back To Basics

September officially marks the summer-to-fall style limbo. We’re caught somewhere between sweater weather and cut off shorts, all while figuring out what 2020’s going to throw our way next. The seasonal transition is unavoidable, but after months of couch-friendly clothing we’ve learned that basics can (and should) be year-round closet staples. 

Case in point, we recently partnered with Shelcy & Christy, the dynamic sister duo behind NYC X Clothes – who define their daily uniforms as stylish, comfortable, and versatile – to style pieces from the Botkier Basics collection while working from their enviably-chic home in Brooklyn.  

The collection highlights sleek and simple silhouettes that define minimalist style. Functional, everyday handbags that can be paired with any outfit. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Check out all the Botkier Basics you never knew you needed and catch up with the NYC X Clothes girls as they chat closet staples, creative inspiration, and changing up their daily routine while WFH.

Botkier basics blog feature

As sisters & business partners, how do you differentiate between your own personal styles?

Chris is more street chic and boyish in her everyday style, whereas Shelcy tends to go for more feminine and refined looks.

One closet staple you can’t live without?

For Chris, it's a blue washed pair of jeans.

For Shelcy, it's a form-fitting dress. 

As creatives, what inspires you the most? 

Living in New York is a big source of inspo; something about being surrounded by people who aren't afraid to express themselves pushes us to be more courageous in our everyday choices. Most recently, because of Covid, we've been looking to magazines, fashion films and the overall Internet culture for inspiration.

How has your daily routine shifted with spending more time at home? 

We spend more time behind the computer and often have to drag ourselves outside for quick walks or rooftop breaks. 

Any WFH tips?

Make a list of the things you need to accomplish the night before and start with the easiest tasks first. Having a checklist helps keep us organized and remember priorities.

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