Beauty and the Bazaar

Amagansett's all-natural take on beauty.

Beauty and the Bazaar

Nestled in the heart of East Hampton, there's a small town where you can escape the New York summer hustle and find a (fleeting) moment of peace and serenity. Welcome to Amagansett. This stunner of a town is basically the opposite of the Montauk scene we so know and love, and we're all for it. It's here that we meet the equally stunning Leilani Bishop, owner of Botanica Bazaar - a beauty, health, and wellness boutique that's packed full of all the products you basically can't live without. And some. 

Inside the Bazaar, Leilani brings us back to the very beginning. "I have been in the fashion and beauty industry for the last 20 years, both as a fashion Model and as a Brand owner in the perfume space," she says. "I grew up in Hawaii, so living in tandem with the land and our environment has always been of the utmost importance. I left at 17 to move to New York to pursue a Modeling Career, which took me all over the world and exposed me to many cultures and customs and have always been drawn to local remedies. It has been so rewarding to bring together these passions under one roof." 


It's valuable experiences like these, and a love for women empowerment, that led to Leilani's fragrance line. "As that evolved and got more into ingredients, I found myself returning to the natural lifestyle I was brought up with," she says. "It was the combination of all of these elements that brought me and my partner to open our all-natural neighborhood pharmacy."


When all is said and done, we have to ask the most daunting question of all - what does the daily Bishop beauty regimen involve? "The basics, drinks lots of water, maintain good gut health with the Beauty Chef Products and I have a bunch of cleansers and masks that I alternate...I am especially into the Hyaluronic Acid from Immunocologie, Exfoliating Facial from goop and Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum. I also am obsessed with Simply Divine Botanicals Body lotions." We're sold.


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