Botkier At Home

Botkier At Home

Get to know the Botkier team as we share our top picks for staying occupied while we’re all stuck indoors. Because no one wants to be bored in the house or in the house bored. Or hear that song…ever again.

Botkier team-melinda

Books I’ve been reading: 

Becoming by Michelle Obama, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

PodCasts I’ve been listening to: 

Oprah Winfrey Super Soul Conversations, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd

Movies I’ve been watching: 

Re-watching some classics - Love Actually, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Dead Poet’s Society 

TV Show’s I’ve been watching: 

Schitt’s Creek – so sad it just ended! 

App’s I’ve been using

Zoom, Amazon

WFH Uniform I’ve been wearing: 

PE Nation workout gear, Aviator Nation Sweatshirts, and Botkier Harvey sneakers


Botkier team-colleen

Snacks I’ve been loving: 

Quick pickles- cucumbers, splash of vinegar, grain mustard & red pepper flakes

Beauty Products I’ve been using: 

Acure Serum Sticks (I keep them in my fridge and roll them on in the morning to wake me up)

The After-Hours Activity I’ve been enjoying:

Cocktail hour while listening to Brazilian Jazz 

The Workout routine I’ve been doing: 

Open Fit, Xtend Barre

Tv Show’s I’ve been watching: 

Re-watching America's Next Top Model


Botkier team-taylor

Things I’ve been enjoying:

Good Candles – NEST Grapefruit candle & anything with home décor to upgrade my space. Currently into @mydomaine.  

TV Shows I’ve been watching:

Ozark & Schitts Creek (for something lighter).  

Influencers I’ve been following:

Cass Dimicco, Serena Kerrigan, and The Big Man’s World (for food)

Beauty Products I’ve been Using:

The Skin Gym ice Roller & the Gua Sha Stone (found through Melissa Wood Health)

Brands I’ve been loving:

Anine Bing & Pangaia, for great basics that are made of recycled materials/environmentally aware and come in fun colors. 


Botkier team-haley

Books I’ve been reading:

The Happiness Advantage has been a really uplifting & inspiring read – it’s all about how a positive mindset can improve success in work & life. I also just finished Open Book, by Jessica Simpson. It’s seriously juicy and I’ll never look at John Mayer the same way again. 

Podcasts I’ve been listening to

I’m obsessed with Catt Sadler’s podcast, Naked. She has the best bad-ass female guests that are truly inspiring. A few of my favorites so far: actress Jennifer Lawrence, acupuncturist Andrea Thorpe, stylist Karla Welch, and influencer Jacey Duprie. 

TV Shows I’ve been watching

Ozark, Schitt’s Creek, and re-watching Grey’s Anatomy – the first 3 seasons are iconic. Tiger King was also a pretty wild ride.  

Recipes I’ve been trying

Basically anything from Bon Appetit or Half Baked Harvest. I recently made Half Baked Harvest’s 20-min honey, garlic, butter shrimp over jasmine rice and it was INSANE.   

Beauty Items I’ve been using

Right now, I’m loving Coco Kind’s facial cleansing oil & vitamin C serum. Then I swap between Summer Friday’s jetlag mask and Augustinus Bader’s rich cream as moisturizers. They make me look a little less sleep deprived with a 1 year old. I’m also newly obsessed with Necessaire’s body lotion.


Botkier team-nicole

Books I’ve been reading: 

I just started re-reading Elvis Duran’s ‘Where Do I Begin?”. I love that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and isn’t shy about spilling some celebrity gossip! 

Recipes I’ve been trying:  

I love to cook so I’ve used this opportunity to try new recipes! This French Onion Chicken recipe was a big hit with my family last week.  

Workouts I’ve been doing: 

My local spin studio, SpinCity, started a YouTube channel and have been putting out 15-20 minute interval training videos. I love being able to get in a quick workout with the instructors I already know and love. 

TV Shows I’ve been watching: 

After listening to my Botkier colleagues rave about Schitt’s Creek, I finally started the series on Netflix and can’t get enough!

WFH uniform I’ve been wearing: 

Leggings and a cozy sweater. When I do need to go out for groceries or essentials, I pop on my Botkier Harvey sneakers and I’m ready to go!


Botkier team-paola 

Books I’ve been reading

I’ve been reading a lot through all of this. These are some of my favorites, cause it’s hard to just pick one! Educated by Tara Westover, Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell, and Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. 

Beverage I’ve been drinking: 

I used to stop at Starbucks or my local café before work to grab a Chai, so now I make my own at home! I love the Tazo Classic Chai Latter mix that you can order online or find in most grocery stores.  

Brand I’ve been loving

Well, Botkier, obviously but I’m also loving Madewell – I’ve been wearing their leggings a lot these days.  

App’s I’ve been using

Robinhood – it’s been interesting to see what’s going on in the stock market, rather than just hearing about it on the news. Also, not an app but is a website offering free online IVY courses, great for personal development! I’m Currently enrolled in CS50. 

Beauty Item I’ve been using

Dr Jart Face Masks! I’ve been doing them regularly with my mom.


Botkier team-risa 

Movies I’ve been watching: 

Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, Clueless

TV Shows I’ve been watching: 

Bachelor in Paradise, Friends, Sopranos

Beauty Products I’ve been using: 

Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

WFH Uniform I’ve been wearing: 

Lou and Grey Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

App’s I’ve been using

SWEAT for workouts with Kayla Itsines & Instagram (duh!)



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