Botkier X Coco Rocha

Botkier X Coco Rocha

If you haven’t already heard, we recently launched a very special Holiday 2015 collection in collaboration with international supermodel, Coco Rocha. The collection, aptly named ‘Botkier X Coco Rocha’, was inspired by the world’s four fashion capitals – London, Milan, Paris, and {of course!} New York. Named after the cities they most closely represent, each group truly captures Coco’s unique eye for design {she’s more than just a pretty face people!}. Check out more of what she had to say about the inspiration behind each style below!

London: “The London group is more futuristic and Avant Garde. In general, I find London has always been the most forward thinking and futuristic of the fashion capitals. This group is all about geometric angles and structure. I was inspired by both sculptures and mathematical architecture which I think London has some great examples of. I know it has its critics, but I always love seeing "the Gherkin" in the London skyline.”

Milan: “For the Milan group, we have these great exaggerated fringes which the Milanese have always embraced and done so well. Milan is a city of culture and beauty but it’s also very young and fun at heart. The Italians there know how to laugh and have fun and I think a good fringe is always about having a good time.”

Paris: “The Paris group of course is very chic and refined. It’s that Parisian woman who has it all together and does it so effortlessly. It’s more understated and yet, it speaks so loudly.”

New York: “The New York group has these great pyramid shaped polyhedron studs that are very armor like and sort of rock and roll. New York is a tough city, and you definitely need a tough skin to make it there so, I felt this was a great fit.”

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