Festival Season: Headlining Hair

Festival Season: Headlining Hair

With the arrival of spring we can finally say Festival Season has sprung! Warm weather, great music, and enviable style…what more could you ask for?! Much like fashion week, fashionistas flock from all over the country to take part in the festivities and demonstrate their street style skills. Of course no boho-esque look would be complete without effortlessly undone hair to match. We’ve chosen three style favorites from hair guru + our music festival muse, Amber Fillerup Clark (aka The Barefoot Blonde) to kick off the season!

1. The Braided Crown Both coiffed and casual, this is the perfect look for anyone who’s as obsessed with braids as we are. There are so many variations of this style, so you can make it your own by experimenting with different braids – we’re really into Amber’s fishtail version! Tutorial:

2. The Messy Pony The “just-rolled-out-of-bed and threw my hair up” look that’s ideal for hours of dancing in the desert sun. The braid obsession comes in handy here too - you can add a few for extra texture, or go with a low braided pony a la’ Blake Lively. Tutorial:

3. Beachy Waves Not just for the beach – this is the quintessential model-off-duty look that we strive for on a daily basis. It might take a little extra time but the overall affect is effortlessly carefree and oh-so-cool. BONUS: beachy waves look great under a floral crown. Add one for some extra festival flair! Tutorial: