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Getting our health on with co-owner Elizabeth Halpern of The Juice LA.
Main Squeeze

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, our founder Monica Botkier had a chance to meet up with The Juice LA’s co-owner (and old friend) Elizabeth Halpern – here’s what she had to say about clean eating, cheat days, and tips to keep a summer bod all year long.

Inspiration behind The Juice LA?

At the time, there were very few juice options in the area and none of them were organic, raw and cold-pressed. I had done a juice cleanse with Cafe Gratitude and gotten hooked on how great cleansing makes you look and feel. My homegirl Melissa was convinced we should open a juice bar. She introduced me to Beverly Hills Juice co. which is absolutely delicious but way too far west for me to frequent. Melissa and I begged the owner to open east side but he just laughed at us and declared it very “American” an attitude to have a good thing going and desire for even more, he recommended we open our own and offered us his advice and counsel. What an amazing dude.

Most exciting part of your job?

Creating recipes. We have our base menu which I originally designed before we opened. I literally painted one wall of our Frog Town loft with chalk paint and covered it with recipe ideas & calculations, it looked like a science lab. Once I had the base 12 juices to open with, I tested the cleanse with some good friends, they paid me back with a steak house dinner. These days we always have weekly specials, so I get to create new stuff all the time, it’s a great opportunity to explore and learn, I recently did a special with activated coconut charcoal, it was cool to learn about and figure out a way to make a tasty drink with it.

Top wellness tips / advice for healthy living?

Find ways to eat plenty organic, raw, live foods without creating boundaries and rules that you’re likely to break and send yourself spiraling down until you feel so sick and unhealthy that you go on some extreme diet. Personally, I think it’s much more realistic to find a balance like drinking organic, raw juices and nut milks, eating an array of organic raw nuts and seeds but also incorporating in grass fed and free-range meats, sulfite free wine and even the occasional couple slices of pizza. The perfect week for me is to eat organic fruits veggies and meat protein while refraining from simple carbs and sugars Tuesday through Saturday, eat as I please all day Sunday, then go totally raw with juices, nut-milks and raw salads or wraps on Monday. Ofttimes I’ll actually take the whole weekend to indulge (being sure to get in some serious cardio). I even created a cleanse called the Monday Reboot, which is exactly this.

Favorite juice on the menu?

#4 it’s Green Apple, Lemon, Kale, Triple ginger

Care to share a recipe?

It’s not for the weak of heart, we call it a sipper because it should be savored like a fine whiskey. For approximately 16 ounces, juice enough ginger for 3 ounces, 1 ounce lemon juice, 1 ounce juiced kale and 11 ounces juice from Granny Smith apples.