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 When I think of Mother’s Day I think of flowers and brunch, and if you have kids, homemade cards. All so very sweet! It’s nice to not only feel appreciated, but to also honor the mother figure in your life. This year, I started thinking about all the amazing mamas I know, and how lucky I am to call them friends. Talented women that I truly admire – living their best lives and approaching motherhood in their own unique way. This Mother’s Day, we’re all about celebrating the bad ass women who manage to balance it all, even in the presence of their tiny humans. Botkier has created the ultimate Mother’s Day giveaway filled with goodies from special women and friends who inspire us every day with the amazing things they do and create.

1. Ariane Goldman, founder of HATCH.

Ariane is a woman after my own heart, a true entrepreneur and mother to 2 adorable girls. The idea to launch Hatch came back in 2010, when Ariane was pregnant with her first child and frustrated by the lack of stylish clothing options in the maternity market. Following the birth of daughter Charlie, she launched HATCH to serve as a trusted resource for women to feel beauty, confidence, and style during one of life’s most rewarding (and challenging) periods.

“When I was pregnant there was no one speaking to me, so I wanted to start the conversation. Today, the conversation is much bigger, and we've built a community of women who not only want to invest in pieces for themselves but also ask questions, meet each other and learn about products that are good for them. This gave me the inspiration for HATCH Mama, an edited line of non-toxic beauty products which were made to address the issues so many of us face during pregnancy and postpartum, which launched earlier this year. This past October we also opened our first retail location in NYC which was a true labor of love. Overall, my vision is to make sure HATCH reaches as many women as possible, whether that be online or through physical retail locations. Of course, we’ll always continue to expand the conversation and derive products based on women’s needs.” – Ariane

So, my question to Ariane is how does one balance motherhood and life while opening a new store, launching a beauty line, running a successful growing business, and being a super mom to 2 girls? How do you stay sane?

Her response; “Kettle one martini, straight up with extra olives.”

2. Brighdie Grounds, Co-Founder of Dos Gardenias Swim.

Brighdie has successfully made the journey from model, to mom (she has 2 boys: Kai, age 4 & Noeha, age 6), to entrepreneur, which is no easy feat. I sat down with this powerhouse designer to discuss personal style and the power of multi-tasking. 

Me: Tell us how you got started with your business ventures?

Brighdie: I have always been inspired by business growing up my mom was an entrepreneur, she had the only female owned company in construction in Southern California in the late eighties and early nineties. While traveling the world as a model, I knew I wanted to do something more. Inspired by Agent Provocateur in London, I started my own lingerie company "Brighdie". I would travel to a modeling job and then bring my lingerie collection and make appointments to show my line. My biggest conundrum is that I have a hard time doing only one thing. Which is why I’m the Director of Dos Gardenias swimwear and the Creator of " The Sirona Cleanse". Wearing more than one hat in both of my companies fulfills my multitasking mind.” 

Me: How do you like to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Brighdie: In the past, for Mother’s Day, we have gone to a kid friendly hotel in Palm Springs. Spending the weekend lounging by the pool and brunching on an endless array of delicious foods. This year, I am torn between taking my boys to the "Renaissance Fair" or going to the country for the weekend to scout for land to buy to build our future homestead. 

Me: How would you describe your style? Any Botkier musts for Mother’s Day?

Brighdie: My personal style is defined by the shoes I choose for the day. I tend to be a jeans and blouse girl overall with a stand out pair of shoes. Shoes and bags are my fashion self-expression. I have always been a huge fan of Botkier, but the beach line is my new obsession. The lines chic, classy, and carefree style is ideal for a beach comber like myself. The beach bag with its black and yellow lines complements my spring/summer wardrobe and the slide shoe is the perfect way to dress up a pair of shorts or a summer dress. 


3. Schuyler Grant, co-founder of Wanderlust Festivals.

Schuyler Grant is the co-creator of the Wanderlust Festival, director of NYC's Kula Yoga Project, and the mom to three girls. Schuyler is a major yogi, entrepreneur super mama who is a straight shooter. Her approach to business and raising her kids is an inspiration.

Me: Tell us about Wanderlust, how did it come to be?

Schuyler: In a nutshell: In 2017, my husband Jeff and I were living in Williamsburg and I had a yoga studio called Kula in Tribeca which was two floors above the offices for his record label - which he owned with our best friend from college Sean. One New Years, on a retreat that I was leading in the wilds of Costa Rica, Jeff had the idea of mashing up our two worlds. A large-scale music festival like Lollapalooza + the ethos of the kinds of students who come on retreat with me (people who value yoga, meditation, nature, food, but are not so sanctimonious that they won’t have a glass of wine). Wanderlust was born. (Remember, at this point the words yoga and festival had never been put together, so this was a more radical idea than it now seems.)  Of course, a whole lot of hard work ensued…Jeff and Sean did the heavy lifting on that I have to admit - and I got to involve myself with more of the creative end of things. But I was also raising our 3 kids and running my studios - so there was no shortage of hard work to go around. Ever.

Me: Seems like a family affair, even your kids are involved and travel with you! What are your favorite and most challenging aspects of being a working mom?

Schuyler: It’s definitely a family affair, which is deeply satisfying and also presents particular challenges. I would say that the best and worst part about it is that you never ever leave work. You know the saying; do you work to live, or do you live to work? I’d say for us it’s more like living is working and working is living...and that’s both amazing and profoundly exhausting. To be clear - a lot of our work is really enjoyable, so work feels like play much of the time…which makes it bearable. But I can think of exactly two times in the past 15 years that we have taken a vacation that is just a vacation - not a glorified vacation, ie. a work trip to an amazing place. I never go to sleep feeling like I have finished all the things on my ridiculously long list of things to do…but then again, I think that’s probably true with all moms, whether you work or not.



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