Muse in the Making

Fashion illustrator Aaron Favaloro brings the Botkier girl to life.

Muse in the Making

Life pulls us in a million different directions on a daily basis. Whether it's running to the next meeting, or the next happy hour, we've mastered the fast-paced art of looking good as we get to where we're going. The concept behind the Botkier girl, our permanent muse, is the ability to make the happenings of everyday life stylish and fun. Even on those not-so-fun days. Enter Aaron Favaloro, the uber talented Australian illustrator that brought our brands muse to life. We've partnered with Aaron to create a special edition Cobble Hill crossbody, which features the infamous girl on the go in all her street-chic glory. 

"For the Botkier 'girl on the go', I imagined her waking up in New York, excited to explore the city's hustle and bustle. She chucks on some ripped jeans and a blazer, grabs her favorite Botkier bag and is out the door. She veto's the cab and decides to walk the city streets, taking in all the sights and sounds New York has to offer. Heads turn as she walks past - there is an inner confidence, an effortless style that is unmatched as her zest for life is contagious. I imagined this cool effortless girl walking right off the pavements of New York and straight onto a Botkier bag."

- Aaron Favaloro


How did you get into fashion illustration?

Oh was quite a few years ago now! I don't know if I should say this, but I actually fell into illustration by absolute accident. Kind of feels like the story of my life, haha. I have always had a love for fashion and illustration, sketching all the way through my schooling years, to the dismay of my teachers, as all my books were filled with little fashion sketches. This obsession eventually led me into receiving a scholarship in fashion illustration at a fashion college in Sydney, Australia, which is where my love for sketching really began. At that time, there was no social media, so it wasn't even on my radar that illustration could become a career choice. Illustration, for me, was a way of conceptualising my fashion designs prior to being made.
It wasn't until years and years later that I posted a little sketch on Instagram of a card I quickly drew for my brother's anniversary. As I was running late, I did the illustration with no faces and the next day I had an enquiry through Instagram asking for a personalised sketch. It blew me away. I remember that moment so clearly, I couldn't believe someone wanted a sketch from me, arghhh! Still to this day I think about that moment, how excited I was and so, so nervous. The next illustration I did was of Olivier Rousteing and the Balmain ladies, Nichole Richie, and Rosie Huntington, all with no faces. They reposted the illustration and since then I haven't stopped sketching as a career. I am just so blown away by how amazing and beautiful everyone has been that I've met along the way, and how connected we all are now with social media. If anyone would have told me years ago that people like Oprah, Gigi Hadid and Kim K. would own illustrations of mine, I would have laughed. I accidently fell into my dream job and haven't stopped pinching myself since.
What's your favorite part of your job? What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I don't know if it is ever one thing...sometimes it's people, or some insane style. Anything based in the world of fashion is where I'm the happiest, with a big dose of fun injected.

What I love about capturing people in my style of illustration is that it focuses the viewer to look at someone in a way they probably haven't ever done before. As when there is no face, you look for other factors, other characteristics about that person. It truly is fascinating that you can tell who someone is by the way they stand or the style of clothing they wear. We all have so much more to ourselves than what we present to the world every day and says a lot about who we are. Often, many attribute this to facial features, yet what I love is exploring and capturing these other factors, and exploring them through illustration.
How does your version of the Botkier 'girl on the go' tie into your illustrative style?

I mean let's just start off with how insane the bags are, so effortless and cool! It was truly a dream to be asked to create this 'girl on the go' for such an incredible brand. My favourite part for any illustration I create is dreaming up a little story of what I imagine the person to be doing, and what she is like. This is the first bag brand I have painted one of my fashion girls on, and am so thrilled that the Botkier team has allowed me this opportunity. It truly takes a lot of guts for a brand to take that leap, and I am so humbled and so excited for this collection. It is some of my all-time favourite work and I cannot wait to see where all these bags end up!

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