Nail'd It: Botkier Bags & Matching Mani's

Nail'd It: Botkier Bags & Matching Mani's

Yesterday's sunshine certainly boosted our mood – it's FINALLY starting to feel like spring! Warmer days are just around the corner and it's time for less layers and lighter colors, starting with our handbag-matching manicures. With the arrival of our new Trigger crossbody bags, we've round up a few of our favorite Essie nail colors that synchronize perfectly with our spring collection. Spring would mean nothing without some form of pastel – the Trigger crossbody in LED pink reminds us of what Barbie would take on vacation, and adds just the right pop of color to any outfit. Essie's 'Cascade Cool' pink complements the bag perfectly without overwhelming. Besides, who wouldn't want to be Barbie?

Essie's 'Find Me an Oasis' is an icy blue that could basically transport you to the cool waters of paradise. Oh, and it's the ideal match for our soft blue Trigger crossbody.

When in need of a break from the girlier colors, our edgy pick-me-up is Essie's 'Chinchilly' - a sleek granite grey that just happens to go with the Trigger crossbody in, well…granite.

Last but certainly not least, the Trigger crossbody in camel is as timeless as it is chic. The same goes for a good neutral nail. Essie's 'Coconuts and Cocktails' is just the right shade of nude, and we'll take coconuts and cocktails any day of the week.

Crossbodies are available under new arrivals, and these fun shades (plus WAY more!) at Have a great holiday weekend everyone!