Botkier Loves The 90s

Botkier Loves The 90s

In an ode to the era of grunge, we’ve partnered with NY Mag and photographer, Kat Irlin, to capture Botkier’s street style, influenced by the epic decade in the city we know and love best.


Graffiti walls, chain link fences, and gritty street corners - downtown New York City was the original stomping ground for the cool kids in the 90’s and it’s a vibe we’ve been inspired by since the brand started 15 years ago.



Set in the Lower East Side, Irlin (fondly known as Kat in NYC on Instagram) captured styles from the latest holiday collection, all aptly named after the NY neighborhoods we call home. Cobble Hill, Lennox, Park Slope, Nolita - each bag represents a slice of the city and (as The Cut puts it) have the essence of New York women at their core. Amongst the styles are pieces from our collaboration with graffiti artist, James Goldcrown. Our long time love affair with the city inspired the line and with the graffiti heart as the main focus on the bag and shoes, the core sentiment remains that love is everywhere.


When asked who would wear these style staples best, Kat responds - “It’s a confident, smart, self-assured person, a person who’s not afraid to speak their mind and leads by example, who loves to have a good time but also takes the time to keep up with the current events — a modern muse.” And we consider our girl on the go to be just that.

Check out the full article, now on The Cut.

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