Queen of the World

Globe-strutting street style stunner Cindy Ko takes on her native Hong Kong in full Fall ’18 regalia.
Queen of the World

It’s hard to count the ways we love Cindy Ko. Pretty much the embodiment of everything we think is cool about life and style, the travel and fashion influencer is the quintessential #GirlOnTheGo. What’s even more perfect is she was born in Hong Kong, so who better to show us around that magical city than this inspirational babe?
 botkier hong kong cobble hill camera crossbody

 We learned a lot from Cindy about how to mix up pieces in the most imaginative ways. She’s edgy-classy. Her looks are elaborate and meticulously curated, yet she still manages to look perennially breezy. It’s obvious from her highly trafficked Instagram, this woman wouldn’t tolerate anything too weighty. She needs to be free to roam the world—Bali, Milan, New York, she’s everywhere, all the time. And when this is the life you live, accessories are everything.

 botkier hong kong cobble hill clutch


For adventures in a strange and stylish city, we recommend a trifecta of handbags: the backpack, the crossbody and the clutch. These three will keep you covered in pretty much any situation.

botkier hong kong cobble hill backpack 

You’ve got the Cobble Hill Backpack for a full day of hands-free sightseeing (we hit up the Peak Tram, of course). It’s also a good place to stash all the souvenirs you buy for your friends back home (Temple Street Market is perfect for everyone on your list). For exploring the streets around your hotel, we recommend the Cobble Hill Mini Camera Crossbody or the Lennox Small Crossbody—both easy and light, with enough room for the essentials. The Cobble Hill Clutch is the jam for your hottest nighttime happenings. Place it on the table or bar as a monument to your impeccable taste, while you dine and drink your evening away.


botkier hong kong lennox crossbody


Whether your autumn is about getting back to your day-to-day or embarking on some far-flung adventure, take a tip from Cindy and get every last drop of life-affirming energy out of your experience—and look amazing while doing it.


botkier hong kong cobble hill camera crossbody 

Happy Fall ’18!