Somewhere in the Hamptons With Sistine Stallone

Fashion’s new favorite walks in our shoes.
Somewhere in the Hamptons With Sistine Stallone

Long before the Fourth and the fireworks, before Summer Fridays and white linen parties, before wide-brimmed hats and waiting in line for lobster rolls, a magical moment happens in the Hamptons. It’s more of a non-moment, really. Somewhere in the curve of springtime, after the winter chill has passed and the sweltering summer has yet to draw the crowds and chaos from the City, you can cruise casually eastward on the Long Island Expressway and relax into an actual quiet weekend.

It’s in such a rare moment as this that we meet Sistine Stallone, our new life-muse, and an absolute archetype of bicoastal cool. Fresh off an appearance as Miss Golden Globes with her sisters Sophia and Scarlet—you may have heard of their dad, Sylvester?—she walks on set at our Southampton beach house location embodying a well-balanced mix of laid back and ready to get it. (She has apparently taken some pointers from her mom, ‘80s-into-‘90s model Jennifer Flavin, who inspires her to show up and work hard, always.)

A rising fashion star at 18, Sistine has recently been seen walking the runway for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan and sitting front row at Michael Kors in New York. But despite her naturally glamorous looks, she also enjoys keeping it SoCal comfy. Off duty, she’ll often get street-style snapped running around in, say, sneakers and a mini-dress at the Venice Film Festival.

This is very much a young woman on the move, and by whatever means necessary. The night before our shoot, she tells us, she pedaled back to her hotel after dinner on a bicycle, which might explain why she loves the Penelope sandal the most. It’s a shoe you could easily spend the whole day traipsing around in, jumping on and off boats, planes, trains, whatever, looking as chic as anything without sacrificing a lick of comfort.

Then again, you could do like Sistine does today and while an afternoon away lounging on the terrace of a Hamptons house, gazing off into the distance, hair blowing in the wind, taking in the calm before the storm. Soon enough, the summer frenzy will come, and there will be so many places to go.