Spring 2018

Sweet new styles have arrived. 
Spring 2018

Transitioning out of winter can be tricky, especially when 10 layers of clothing are still required to walk outside. Lucky for you, there are ways to freshen up your favorite trends without freezing to death. This season is all about color upgrades (au revoir millennial pink, it’s been real), structured silhouettes, and the epic revival of the fanny pack. No joke, it’s back people. Enter our spring collection, which covers all of the above. Set in Chinatown, the campaign features Nickayla Rivera & Soa Denise as they hit hot spot (and modern minimalist’s dream), Nickel & Diner, for a day of dining in style. 


Talent: Soa Denise @soa.denise | Nickayla Rivera @nickaylarivera

Production: Supply NY @supplynyc

Photography: Jessica Yatrofsky @jyatrofsky

Styling: Molly Dickson @mollyddickson

Hair: Matt Fugate @mattshair

Beauty: Jenny Smith @jennyatwoodsmith

Location: Nickel & Diner @nickelanddiner