That Hair Though

That Hair Though

On his awesome new YouTube channel, Matt Fugate calls himself an “aggressively average hairdresser.” Of course, he’s joking (he’s always joking) but still, we aggressively beg to differ. This guy is straight gold at the art of hair.  You can ask his clients, who include Blake Lively, Lea Michele, Olivia Palermo and Karlie Kloss.


Or you can ask us. We know of Matt’s amazingness because he’s been with us on so many of our major campaign shoots and brand moments. He even ran the braid bar at our Coachella event at the Parker Palm Springs. He’s a sculptor, a creator, a comedian and he really just gets our vibe. He knows our girl and what she wants. No over glamming, ever. Just endless confidence and defiant beauty, the kind you can take out into the world and just sort of exist a few levels above anyone else on the street.


Matt joined us in Brooklyn for our Fall ‘18 campaign shoot and it was a legit blast. We shot stunning models Laís Felisardo and Anna Wolf with a couple of vintage cars, some slinky slip dresses, feathery jackets and, yes, trunk loads of buttery, richly colored handbags and footwear. “When we do glam for the Botkier girls, they’re really natural, but just elevated,” Matt says. “That’s a key attribute when I’m trying to figure out who the girl is for each shoot. You elevate that next level of cool.”


You can just see Matt’s passion in the YouTube content, where he offers tips, tricks and little moments from his daily life. Our favorite story about Matt is how he did his wife’s hair every day for a year leading up to their wedding, just to have a moment together before starting the day. Theirs is perhaps the sweetest, coolest, chicest relationship we’ve ever heard of. But in a lowkey way, you know?


And that’s really the best thing about Matt. He’s amazing without being high strung about it. He gets the job done, beautifully, perfectly, with zero fuss and lots of fun, every time. “Less is more, guys,” he reminds the team as he reaches his hands into a model’s roots to rough up her halo of gorgeousness for the next shot. “Don’t try to overdo it!”



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