The Luxury of Summer

Our girls hit the Hamptons for the quintessential East Coast beach day.
The Luxury of Summer

When you live in NYC, there are long winters to get through. Long winters, followed by rainy springs, preceded by dark autumns. All this is to say that, by the time Memorial Day rolls around, we are dying for a little time in the sun. Summer on the East Coast, we go big.

The Hamptons are the ideal destination. Somehow always both classic and right-now, the cluster of towns at the end of Long Island, jutting out into the vast Atlantic, have everything you could possibly want from a summer weekend. We chose Southampton as our playground to luxuriate in pleasures both simple and over-the-top. It’s good to have a mix of both. Oh, and it is essential to be well accessorized throughout the experience, both for style reasons and functional purposes. There are just so many places to go, people to see, things to do, lobster rolls to eat. And rosé…So. Much. Rosé.

Our Botkier babes hit the road hard and headed East with grand plans for maximum fun and relaxation in grand style. And by grand we mean, easy-breezy. Top down, radio up, hair flowing, the whole bit.

Tote bags carried their things from the city to the shore, with crossbodies and chain wallets taking over for beachside bike rides and long hammock hangs. Espadrilles definitely entered the picture at some point. First, it was off to the flower market to get some freshies for the house. Then, to the water, to chill by the pier. Afterwards, they headed to Tate’s Bake Shop for tea and treats. Afternoon beach time to evening pool time and yes, nighttime wine time.

We’d like to propose a toast to the exquisite hotness of the year’s most indulgent season. Cheers, ladies. Summer is finally here!

Photography and production by Supply NY