Total Transition

Textured totes that give major fall feels.
Total Transition

Autumn fashion is undoubtedly the best of all the seasons. At least in our humble opinion. It's not that we don't love warm weather and long days. We do. There's just something about falls rich colors and luxe materials that get us way excited to switch our wardrobes over. Immediately.

Currently, we're having a moment with texture. On clothing, on shoes, on handbags, on everything. Which brings us to Perry - the latest addition to our collection of functional-yet-cool totes that work year-round. The new style is structured a la' the infamous Soho tote, but has a top turn-lock latch that keeps all your goods extra secure. Functional is cool, but in this case, we're all about materials. Black calf hair is a solid extra on an allover neutral, or there's leopard for those looking to walk on the wild side. We fully support you. If you're not into calf hair, opt for a touch of metallic gold snakeskin. Your bag should be your second skin, after all. Bonus: Perry comes in two sizes for extra options.

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Perry Tote Large 

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