Wellness and the City

The chicest, most effective self-care spots—for when the excitement of NYC becomes a bit much.
Wellness and the City

New York is the best city in the world and we will fight anyone who argues with that obvious truth. Just kidding, we’re a live-and-let-live kind of bunch. But we do admit that the intensity of our urban lives can sometimes get the best of us. And when we feel that stereotypical “aggressive New Yorker” vibe bubbling up inside us, we know it’s time for a little rebalancing. Here’s where we go to set our souls straight.



Sure, you can get decent-grade essential oils at any Whole Foods, but when you really want to take your olfactory healing to the next level, it is time for a pilgrimage to Enfleurage. The compact West Village aromatherapy boutique is a refuge from city life, where you can become acquainted with rare and wonderful mood-enhancing oils and incenses of exotic origin. If the selection is too overwhelming, the safe choice is “Sex,” an intoxicating house blend of ylang ylang, patchouli and lime.

enfleurage.com, 237 W. 13thSt., Manhattan


Studio Britta

Holistic esthetician Britta Plug has been called “the hottest facialist in New York,” and with good reason. She and her associates deliver customized, all-natural skin treatments that transport the body and soul to another dimension. They unleash a customized mix of mystical modalities upon your face, but the hero technique here is gua sha, the ancient Chinese Medicine practice of massaging with smooth stone tools to relieve tension and release toxins. The result is visible radiance that comes from deep within.

brittabeauty.com, 147 Spring St., Manhattan


Aire Ancient Baths

Spas are great, but, if you ask us, baths are where it’s at. Step into Aire when you are at your wit’s end, and come out a whole new person. The combo of modern healing treatments and a setting that recalls old-school Ottoman vibes, is powerful enough to shift the body and soul to a blissful state. Get a massage, then stay awhile to play with the exhilarating feel of different-temp baths.  

beaire.com, 88 Franklin St., Manhattan


Central Park

Are you there, nature? It’s me, city girl. As New Yorkers, our lives often feel hopelessly encased by concrete and steel. We forget there is a sizeable expanse of greenery to be had in the midst of this urban chaos. Real grass, trees, non-industrial bodies of water and even animals. So many businesses in New York claim “urban oasis” status, but the Park is the only one that really feels that magical. Stop into this iconic landmark and feed a squirrel or smell a flower. It could change your life, or at least your day.

centralparknyc.com, Central Park, Manhattan