Woman of the Month: Ariane Goldman

The founder of chic maternity line HATCH indulges the high style of super mamahood.

Woman of the Month: Ariane Goldman

When Ariane Goldman was pregnant, she found herself in a pickle. No, not a pickle craving. A fashion dilemma. Maternity clothes seemed too lame to put on her fast-changing body, so she would buy sized-up pieces from her favorite designers, rendered useless after the kid popped out and her body went back to normal.

Assuming correctly that other expectant clotheshorses shared her struggle, Ariane started not just a clothing line, but a new category: maternity-ish. Now a fashion-world favorite with a flagship store and parental community hub on Bleecker Street, HATCH creates looks that work before, during and after pregnancy—or even for women who aren’t considering becoming parents anytime soon. The clothes are just that cool.


Shop Ariane’s accessory picks below: 
Including the Carlie sandal and the on-trend Vivi belt bag.

botkier carlie sandal
vivi belt bag