Fluorescent Fashion

Fluorescent Fashion

In an ode to 80’s fashion, the neon trend has resurfaced and been V popular on the street style scene lately. While we get that highlighter hues might not be for everyone, there IS a way to pull this off without completely blinding the world.

We’ve seen head-to-toe fluorescents from New York fashion week to the Kardashian clan’s street style and while we’re all about a bold statement, we prefer this trend in moderation. Though, if you’re into the ‘go big or go home’ lifestyle, then by all means, YOU DO YOU.

The summer 2019 collection features an updated selection of Cobble Hill styles in vivid brights that are sure to attract attention (in all the right ways). Pair any of these styles with an all-white ensemble for a bright season ahead.


The classic Cobble Hill Crossbody comes in four new electric shades – neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, and neon orange. You can also go for a combo with the sliced crossbody in neon pink/orange or neon green/yellow.

botkier cobble hill crossbody neon greenbotkier cobble hill neon sliced


Then there’s the Cobble Hill Mini Backpack; a bold choice to leave people wanting more every time you walk away. Take your pick from a variety of these on-trend neon options that are fit to brighten up the season.

botkier cobble hill mini backpackbotkier cobble hill mini backpack neon pink

For a more subtle take on the neon trend, the Maje slides might be your new go-to. These stylish slides have clear straps, accented in neon pink and neon orange for just a pop of color. Wear these to the beach or on summer Friday’s for a casual-cool office vibe.

botkier maje slide neon pinkbotkier cobble hill mini backpack neon pink


Whether you love it or hate it, this trend is here to stay and we’re here to help you style accordingly (and stay well-accessorized) all summer long.



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