Botkier is a contemporary women’s lifestyle brand that combines wearable style with a New York attitude: bold, adventurous, and independent. Inspired by the diverse neighborhoods and iconic city streets, each handbag and footwear design is thoughtfully crafted to keep up with the modern-day girl.

With the mindset that accessorizing should be an expression of your personal style, Botkier has curated a collection of multi-functional handbags designed to keep up with everyday life and look great in the process.   

“A contemporary women’s lifestyle brand that combines wearable style with a New York attitude”


It all began in 2003 when founder Monica Botkier created the Trigger Bag, which became an icon of NYC street style - combining edgy zippers and studs with a fresh design motif. The beloved bag was an instant hit with every busy working girl in the city.

Today, Botkier continues to deliver wearable accessories that fit into everyday life with ease. From soft, slouchy satchels, to carry-all totes and convenient crossbodies, there’s something for the Botkier girl in everyone.


Known for her effortless style, the Botkier girl navigates her world with a sense of ease. Whether she is working, traveling, connecting with family and friends, or simply enjoying some alone time, she is unafraid to be herself and take charge of her life. She may not have it all figured out, but her accessories are an expression of who she is: confident, independent, resilient, and bold. 

“Where we believe fashion should be seamless, wearable, and most importantly, fun”

NYC is her muse but the world is her playground, and no one can get her in her way. Forever the multitasker, she is going places and doing great things.

She loves handbags and shoes, but she certainly doesn’t want to be the girl whose look slows her down. Her version of style includes multi-functional, quality pieces that are smart, seamless, and can keep up with her.

“Where accessorizing is an expression of your personal style”


Our unexpected details and design elements offer multiple ways to style the same bag. Featuring several strap options, zippers, studs, and our signature foil lining, Botkier accessories combine unique details to complete your look. Whether you’re making a statement or adding a finishing touch, Botkier accessories will evolve with you. 

Remaining true to our downtown roots, Botkier translates our cool girl origins to modern day values. After all, at Botkier we believe that fashion should be seamless, wearable, and most importantly, fun.