About Botkier

Botkier is a women’s lifestyle accessories brand that combines a sophisticated quality with a New York attitude: bold, adventurous, independent and ambitious. Botkier embodies modern luxury with a brand promise of accessible accessories.

“Where fashion and functionality meet with a little New York attitude”


It all began in 2003 when founder Monica Botkier created the Trigger Bag, which became an icon of NYC street style - combining edgy zippers and studs with a fresh design motif. The beloved bag was an instant hit with every busy working girl in the city - a style that combined fashion and function with a little New York attitude.

Today, Botkier continues to deliver wearable accessories that meet the needs of the multi-tasking, modern-day girl on the go. Remaining true to our roots, Botkier is a lifestyle accessories brand that embodies modern luxury with a brand promise of accessible accessories.


The Botkier girl is the ultimate girl-on-the-go.

Her ambition takes her where she needs to be - whether she’s traveling the world, working 9-5, or simply enjoying life on the go, her accessories bring an air of confidence that feels bold, adventurous, and effortlessly cool - like she can do anything and go anywhere.

“Bold, adventurous and effortlessly cool”

NYC is her muse, but the world is her playground and the Botkier girl doesn’t linger for long.

She is going places and doing great things. She loves handbags and shoes, but she certainly doesn’t want to be the girl whose look slows her down. Her version of style includes multi-functional, quality pieces that are smart, seamless, and won’t weigh her down.

“Wearable pieces that keep up with the modern girl”


Designed with the customer in mind, each collection features quality, fashion-forward handbag and footwear styles that translate to everyday life. The end-result? Wearable, multi-functional pieces that are meant to keep up with the modern girl.