Showroom Style

Showroom Style

As a brand, we’re constantly looking for ways to step outside the box and find that creative flow to keep us up-to-date. Whether it’s a stand-out material, shade, or silhouette, each season brings new buzz and a different style perspective. The New Yorker in us loves downtown street style – the nitty gritty hustle of the city and the don’t care attitude of its residents. We love all black. Ripped jeans. Smudged eyeliner. You know the look. And when we’re not showing our edgy side, you can probably find us in our highest heels, showing the world what female empowerment is all about. But style moods aside, most of our creative drive stems from our surroundings.

For us, the weekday hustle starts and ends in our Manhattan showroom, which feels more like a sanctuary within the streets of NYC. It’s light, airy, and open. A window-lined dream that lives in the heart of midtown and right in view of one pretty iconic building (hello, Empire State). It serves as home to our seasonal handbags and shoes, but it’s also a place for creativity, inspiration, and a little self-love – whether that’s stepping away from our desks for a moment or sipping matcha lattes while sharing ideas as a team. Regardless, we’re ALL about the fung shui factor to feel right at home. Even when it’s work.

With light wood fixtures, hanging greenery, and modern accents, the overall vibe is a perfect balance between boho chic and urban edge. The neon ‘girl on the go’ sign is a custom brand staple and adds a special touch. It’s not just a hashtag people. For us, the catch phrase serves as a reminder that the Botkier girl represents many of us. She’s always moving, thinking, creating, improving, learning, and living life to the fullest.

So why are we talking about our showroom? Mostly because we love pretty things. And because you might be seeing it more often. But we also love sharing what keeps us level headed in a world filled with so much chaos. Whether it’s fashion accessories, or interior design, creative inspiration can be pulled from just about anywhere.

Maybe this will inspire you to create your own sanctuary – even if it’s just a simple upgrade to your desk space or home office (plants make everything better). But even if it doesn’t, you’ll know where to find us hiding during NYFW.



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