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Step Inside The Self-Love Club

As a brand, we’ve long connected to the idea that our accessories were made for ‘girl on the go’ -  luxe, contemporary handbags that keep up with the city’s infamous hustle-culture. The type of bag that seamlessly takes you from work to weekend without weighing you down. While we still subscribe to the idea that your accessories should be a stylish extension to your life (no matter how busy it might be), we’ve also learned the importance of slowing down. Lighting that expensive candle, taking a bubble bath, diving into the book you’ve been ‘too busy’ for - these types of self-care non-negotiables have become an essential part in keeping us grounded when the world brings us chaos.

 Botkier event collage with variety of guests and product

In light of slowing down, we took a different approach when it came to celebrating the launch of Botkier’s nylon collection with a much-needed morning of wellness. Enter one of our favorite yoga classes, hosted by the lovely team at Humming Puppy NYC. Anchored by stunning arched windows and ample natural light, the minimalist space is an interior design dream that’s equally inviting. The perfect backdrop for guests to preview the athletic-inspired collection before taking part in a customized yoga flow, complete with the studio’s signature sound bath.

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Among some of the styles on display were a few new silhouettes that easily fit into everyday life. Smaller styles like the Baxter crossbody and Cooper camera crossbody are perfect for packing essentials on-the-go, while larger bags like the Carlisle quilted tote and the Cali weekender are super spacious and travel-friendly. All crafted from sleek Italian nylon, each style is lightweight yet sturdy enough to take you from the pickleball court all the way to Humming Puppy yoga.

Botkier event collage with variety of brand partner products


Case-in-point, the Cali weekender provided the perfect amount of space to be  filled with wellness-friendly goodies from our incredible friends and brand sponsors. We are endlessly grateful for the opportunity to partner with other small businesses that we are personal fans of - considering we use a lot of these products in our daily life, it only feels right to share the love. Here’s a full breakdown of what guests took home in their Botkier bag and enjoyed throughout the event. No gate-keeping here, we could all use the inspo for the gift-giving season ahead…



This might just be the prettiest canned beverage that’s packed with benefits - Gorgie is our new go-to when it comes to healthy energy drinks. Each colorful can is V aesthetic, packed with vitamins and comes in delicious flavors like sparkling watermelon crush, electric berry and peachy keen - we tried them all, you can’t go wrong.


Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino’s selection of merino wool apparel is super soft and wearable. The fabric is moisture wicking and requires minimal washing due to its antimicrobial properties. Each guest received one of the signature crew neck t-shirts, which is slim fitted and perfect for layering. Consider us fans of anything that looks this flattering on while being so low maintenance.



This clean beauty brand has become a staple in our skin regimen, for its results-driven selection of products. Beautybio was kind enough to gift their everyday essentials for achieving perfectly glowy skin at home, including The Daily Vitamin C serum, Bright Eyes collagen patches, Healthy Scalp dry shampoo and The Zenbubble gel cream - all packaged in the cutest cosmetic bag.


LeTish Coffee

This small, family-owned business will help you jumpstart the day with their insanely delicious  drip coffee & espresso blend beans. Our friends at LeTish joined us in serving up their custom cold brew & espresso from a beautifully branded cooler for the ideal after class caffeine-boost. Plus they were kind enough to gift a very chic bag of coffee beans for guests to brew their own cup at home.



Obviously we never leave home without hand sanitizer - an essential beyond the rest. We’re obsessed with Noshinku’s natural sanitizer that fits in your pocket, or your Botkier bag, of course. The refillable sanitizer is chicly packaged in a variety of colors and scents like bergamot, limon, and eucalyptus, each one leaves your hands fresh without the harsh chemicals.



Another must in your gym bag? An emotional support water bottle to keep you hydrated on the go. We’re all about refillable water bottles that are sleek and spill-proof, which is exactly why we love Contigo. Each bottle was designed to keep beverages hot or cold throughout your everyday adventures, plus they won’t leak when you throw them in your Cali gym tote. We went with this Uptown Tumbler and classic black water bottle, complete with a custom Botkier smiley sticker for an added touch.


Maison Miru

Maison Miru is a fellow New York based brand that has created an incredible line of minimalist jewelry that banks on quality and style. Their innovative nap earrings have a flat back that was designed to wear 24/7 without poking you - the perfect pair for wearing to workout or…napping. We’re pro both options and love this dainty Celestial Crystal pair for either occasion.


First Aid Beauty

We’ve had the pleasure of working with our friends at First Aid Beauty before and there’s a reason for it. All of the products are amazing, but there’s a reason the Ultra Repair Cream is a bestseller for them - it’s simply the BEST. The moisturizer is rich and hydrating, plus its suitable for sensitive skin making it an everyday must.


Move Active 

Our obsession with yoga & pilates runs deep and Move Active has all the accessories to make class as cool and comfortable as possible. The brand's Classic Low Rise Grip Socks provide the ideal amount of traction whether you’re on the mat or just lounging about in style. They’ve also created a range of athletic accessories, from yoga mats and resistance bands, to this chic foam Yoga Block that was built to help you comfortably perfect your practice.


Tea Drops

Tea Drops are the quick and easy way to create the perfect cup of tea, without needing the patience to brew it. These single-serve teas are condensed into drops that are ready to drink in seconds, without compromising taste. With an incredible variety to choose from like Matcha, Ube, and Citrus Ginger there's no shortage of flavor in each package! We love to keep at our desk for busy days when we need to whip up a quick cup!

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