Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars

New year, new me - this mantra rolls around every January as we set out to reflect and create a list of resolutions for the year to come. Whether it’s taking time off to travel, practicing self-care, or simply living in the moment, there’s plenty of opportunity to use 2023 as a blank slate to manifest your best year yet. Call us woo-woo, but astrology plays a big part in how your personal goals and personal style lineup over the next 365 days which brings us to the age-old question, “what’s your sign?” While we can’t predict the future, we can bring some clarity to your closet based on your zodiac sign.


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Channel Your Passion

A force to be reckoned with, Aries are fiery in all the best ways. You’re a born leader and captivate every room with your presence. This year is all about channeling that energy into driving your passion - whether it’s personal or work-related, you already have what it takes to get to the next level. Your fashion sense is equally bold, with trend-setting styles in bright hues to match your personality. Match your fire sign with accessories in shades of red like the Hudson Hobo in port.



Take Time Off

Known for being honest and reliable, it’s not hard to get along with you - those lucky enough to be a part of your inner circle know that you’ll always be there for them. Your attention to detail is unrivaled, especially when it comes to your work life. There’s no room for failure and no task left unfinished. While these are amazing qualities to have, they can also create stress if you can’t find balance in your personal  life. We all need personal days - take time off to tap into life outside of your job and enjoy the simple pleasure of slowing down and connecting more with nature. Upgrade your closet with accessories in earthy shades, like this Warren Tote in army green, to accentuate your go-to neutral wardrobe.



Practice Self-Care

Little miss social butterfly - you’re the life of the party and love making friends wherever you go. Your curiosity drives you to learn more about the world around you, which in turn makes you incredibly intelligent and quick witted. With so much going on in your head,  it can be easy to overthink things when it comes to making decisions. Take this new year as your sign to slow down your thoughts and focus on taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, take time each day to practice self-care. It can be as simple as a face mask before bed, or trying a yoga class to slow down your mind and remind yourself that it’s ok to not have all the answers. You’re such a bright light to all those around you, so why not carry that through to your closet? Accentuate your style with an equally cheery handbag like the Valentine Flap Satchel in lemonatta. The sunny shade of yellow is as charismatic as you are.


3 women holding handbags


Cancel Self-Doubt

Loyal and intuitive, you are a ride-or-die friend. Your highly empathetic nature makes it easy for people to connect with you as you provide them with the comfort and strength to get through just about anything. Your sensitivity can occasionally get the best of you - this is your year to practice sharing your emotions more candidly and cancel all self-doubt. Let your confident personality shine through your wardrobe with accessories in silver shades like the Baxter Crossbody in silver gray.



Center Yourself

True to your sign name, you are a fiercely loyal force of nature. Your confidence shines through in everything that you do and you use it to your advantage in both your personal and work life. This year is all about taking time away from your busy schedule to center yourself and practice more self awareness. Try a new morning or night routine to help calm your mind and take some much-needed solo time to get in touch with yourself. Maybe it’s journaling while you have your morning cup of coffee, or try a new yoga class to keep your mental health on par with your active social life. Always the leader, you are a trendsetter and love accessories that keep you at the top of your style game. Try the Cobble Hill Crossbody in a bold shade of red to accent your already killer wardrobe.



Embrace Your Flaws

The problem solver - you approach life from a logical point of view and always have a practical solution to any issues that arise. Forever a perfectionist, you are always looking for ways to improve yourself whether it’s through your work or at home - this can be somewhat destructive as you strive for a level of excellence that may not always be reality. Take this year to let go of your idea of perfection and embrace your flaws - everyone has them and those are what make you uniquely you. Keep pursuing your best life while also making the most of the moments that don’t live up to expectations. One thing you can control? Your impeccable style. Build the closet of your dreams with clean and classic accessory styles that have a little edge - like the Chelsea Large Hobo in coffee to accentuate your earth sign and love of neutral tones.


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Learn To Say No

Libra’s are deeply empathetic and compassionate about the world around them. Your kind nature and open heart makes it easy to connect with on a personal level - this can also lead you to say yes too often. You are a natural people-pleaser and hate to disappoint those closest to you but sometimes you need to step back and take care of yourself. It’s ok to say no! Stop worrying about everyone else 24/7 and show up for yourself once in a while. Your creativity plays a big part in how you dress and you’re naturally stylish. Play into your charm with chic accessories in pastel shades like the Warren City Crossbody in magnolia pink.



Let Go Of Grudges

Sometimes dark and moody, no one shows their love and devotion quite like a Scorpio. You’re passionate and mysterious in the best of ways and nothing stands in the way when it comes to achieving your goals. Honesty and loyalty are of the utmost importance to you, but it’s normal for people to make mistakes. Let 2023 be your year of letting go of grudges - you can’t control the actions of others, but you can learn how to control your response. Plus, letting go makes you feel so much lighter and who wouldn’t want that? Let your dark side show through your style with classic styles in all black. We love the Baxter E/W Tote in black for a core closet staple that will go far beyond 2023.



Stay Focused

Charismatic and effortlessly magnetic, the Sagittarius is one you want to be around 24/7. You have a great sense of humor and amazing ability to keep things light and fun. With so much to experience in life, you tend to jump from one thing to the next without slowing down. Use this year to organize yourself in a way that allows you to stay focused and complete each task as you go. Try a weekly planner to make to-do lists that you can check off as you go - this will allow you to achieve your full level of success in both your personal life and at work. Go for the gold this year with shiny accessories that match your personality. The Valentina Crossbody in metallic gunmetal packs a punch in shiny soft leather that also acts as a neutral for any wardrobe.


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Appreciate Your Success

The hard working Capricorn is ambitious and determined in every aspect of life. You put a lot of time into your career and in relationships and always end up with success one way or another. Sometimes you put too much thought into the creation of your success that you don’t take a moment to appreciate all that you’ve achieved. Make sure you appreciate yourself and all the hard work that you’ve put into getting where you are at this exact moment. Try incorporating more travels into 2023 - whether it’s a quick weekend away or an international excursion, you should prioritize having fun and taking the time to treasure yourself and the world around you. While you’re on your travel kick, try taking the Baxter Travel Crossbody with you on your next big adventure.



Get Social

A creative and unique thinker, Aquarius isn’t afraid to think outside of the box. You cherish your alone time as it’s your chance to recharge and re-evaluate, but sometimes it’s ok to drain that social battery in the name of fun. 2023 is your year to be more spontaneous - even though you’re amazing at work, take time to enjoy time off with friends. Connecting with loved ones is equally important to having your alone time and will open the doors of communication to strengthen the relationships that mean the most to you. In terms of style, the Warren Convertible Hobo in icy blue will fit into any aspect of your life and fits everything you need to keep up with your hyper-organized personality.



Practice Optimism

The ultimate artist, Pisces have an innate ability to be creative in every area of their lives. You are a magical presence in people's lives and care endlessly for those closest to you. Your empathetic nature is one of your most appealing qualities but can also cause you to feel too deeply at times causing you to feel less than optimal about the state of the world and all that might be going wrong. Try to focus on the good and don’t let the bad stuff get the best of you. This is the year of manifestation - just remember that the more positivity you put out into the universe, the more you’ll feel in return. Call in all the good energy through your style with accessories in light and airy pastel shades  of blue and green like this Valentina Flap Satchel.

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