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The summer months are always filled with RSVP-worthy events and if you’re like us, there’s no shortage of weddings to attend this season. After a 2-year hiatus, large wedding parties are back in full swing and we’re not mad about it. Now the question is, what to wear? And more importantly, how to accessorize for the occasion. We know how hard it can be to decipher the dress code so we did the dirty work for you. Here’s four of our favorite footwear that will fit any venue you find yourself at. Dust off those party dresses, grab a date, and get ready to dance the night away in some very stylish (and affordable) shoes.


Botkier wedding shoes vineyard wedding 

Vineyard Vows

Play into the vineyard setting with earthy, neutral tones. A long, flowy dress pairs perfectly with the Marci Heel and the slightly textured shade of blush will add just the right amount of shine to stand out.


Botkier wedding shoes beach wedding 

Beach Vows

Who doesn’t love a beach wedding? It’s like your own tropical vacation to celebrate a couple in love. Pair a lightweight jumpsuit with a sand-friendly wedge in a fun colorway, like the Jessie Wedge in pastel floral.


Botkier wedding shoes desert wedding 

Desert Vows

Take in the beautiful desert scenery with an outfit that blends into the decor - a dress in a complementary sunset shade (like blush pink) that will play off the evening sky, paired with the Willow Heel in a neutral sand tone.


Botkier wedding shoes destination wedding

Destination Vows 

If you’re headed to an International wedding, have a little fun with your footwear based on the final destination. For a lakeside ceremony in Italy, pair the Lorain Stiletto Heel in silver, with an elegant black dress for a glam look that shines on the dance floor.

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