Botkier's Back To School Guide

Botkier's Back To School Guide

While the thought of going back-to-school can feel like a massive bummer (especially after a somewhat back-to-normal summer), there’s one time-honored tradition we’re always excited for; the shopping. And no, we’re not talking pencil cases and sheet protectors. We’re talking about your grown-up guide to feeling good and looking great on campus. We believe that the core of any successful school-centered wardrobe starts with accessories that can keep up with a busy schedule. As one of our most popular handbag styles, Botkier has perfected the art of the carry all tote and what better way to start the school year than with a bag that will get you where you need to be, with everything you need?! Here are five back-to-school looks that will get you through the fall semester in style.


Comfy in Class

Botkier back to school bedford tote 

Comfort is key when spending hours in a classroom - think a matching sweat set, cozy socks, a claw clip, and the Bedford Canvas Tote to hold all your class essentials.


The Big Game

Botkier back to school guide ludlow tote 

Is anything more fun than cheering for your main team? Even if you’re not a huge sports buff, you can still look the part. Pair a denim skort with some school gear, like a cut off sweatshirt or tee, with Harvey Sneakers and the Ludlow Tote for a look that’s sporty-chic.


Off-Campus Casual

Botkier back to school allen tote 

We’re always excited about fall dressing, so why not try a casual, off-campus look that could take you from a day excursion to an evening out with the hot senior that just asked you out. Try full length jeans, with a simple tee and a slouchy blazer coat, paired with the cutout Shelby Booties and Allen Tote for a transitional look.


Career Fair

Botkier back to school guide baxter tote 

Looking for your next life move after college? Make sure to step it up a notch & head to your school’s next career fair. Go for a working-girl look with an oversized blazer and trousers, paired with the Stella Pump and a structured carry-all, like the Baxter Tote. Brownie points for pulling your look together with a polished pearl headband a la’ Blair Waldorf.


Study Session

Botkier back to school guide valentina tote 

There’s no reason not to look cute, even if you’re prepping for the next big exam. Spend your next study session in wide-legged denim, paired with a comfy cropped cardigan and your favorite pair of blue light (or reading) glasses. Top off your studious look with Annika Flats and the Valentina Tote - after all, you never know who you might meet in the library.

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